In this guide you will find everything that you need to know on LG Devices on Q-play. 

Getting started

NB: This guide works on firmware SMK 4.03.40 or newer. Q-play is available for WebOS 4.0 and up. 

Need to reset your tv? Follow this guide then

  1. Reset to factory settings under Settings > Admin > Factory reset
    The standard kode to Admin panel is 000000.

  2. Start the tv by using the remote.

  3. You now land on the setup screen after reset or the initial startup: Choose Quick start and press start.

Set up your LG player

  1. Set language, date and time.
    - On LG screen it is very important that the time and language is set correct.

  2. Turn off auto sleep.

  3. Go to Settings > Generelt.
    - Choose power and set the settings as below:

  4. Choose Network and install the wanted network.
    - We recommend using a cable connection.

  5. Go to Settings > Ez Settings > SI Server Settings and set automatically to on.  

  6. Turn the tv off by using the remote. 

  7. Downloade the newest LG installations version from Q-Play. 
    - Go to PlayControl > New Player. Download the file to your computer and place the link on a USB plug.

  8. Place the usb plug in the tv while it is turned off. 

  9. Turn on the TV by using the remote. 

  10. Go to Settings > Ez Settings > SI > Server Settings.
  11. Application Launch Mode "Local"

  12. Application Type "IPK"
  13. Set local software updates to Remote under Si Server Settings and press confirm. 

  14. Turn off the TV by using the remote.

  15. Turn on the TV by using the remote. The screen will automatically install the Q-play app. Q-play will now open up on your screen. 
    - Please be patience, it can take up to 5 minutes before Q-play appears on the screen.

  16. The LG TV will after startup show a white page with a guide to set up your player and a connect code. 

How to connect you player

  1. Go to 
    Login to you Q-play account.
  2. Go to Play Control

  3. Press on connect player

  4.  Enter the connect code. You will find the connect code in the left corner of the screen. Press connect when you have entered the connect code.

  5. Your player is now connected and you can add content to you player.

Does your LG TV not have the newest firmware? Follow this guide then.

  1. Download the newest firmware to your tv. 

  2. Place the file on a usb plug in a case called LG_Monitor. 

  3. Turn off the tv by using the remote.

  4. Set the USB plug in the tv while it is turned off. 

  5. Turn on the tv and wait for the update to be finished.