This guide will tell you everything you need to know on your Windows device. 

How to install q-play
NB: Q-Play Windows are only available for Windows 10 and up

Please note: all settings that can put the screen to sleep, enable screen saver or other similar features must be disabled on the computer.

This video shows how a Q-Play Windows Player easily are installed from a Q-play under 2 minuts:

  1. Click on this linkand log into your Q-Play > then go to Playcontrol and press "new player" > here you choose the Windows Player and press on Download. Do this on the computer that you will be using for the Player.

  2. When the program is downloaded, you can open it. Are you using Google Chrome then you can open it, in the bottom of the screen, are you using Firefox then you can see it in the top right corner. You open the link with the name: Q-Play_win_v1.0.16_setup (5).exe
    (In some coincidence Windows Defender will block the program, press on "more information og choose "drive anyways")

  3. Click next on Drive in the window that is shown

  4. In the next window you can choose where the program shall be installed. Do you wish to change this, click on Reviewed.., When you have chosen the path as you like, click then on next. (NB: in some coincidence the program will open automatically, and you can skip down to step number 11!)

  5. Remove now the ticks in Drive Q-Play and click thereafter on finish. 

  6. Click on the Windows Ikon in the bottom left corner and choose restart PC.

  7. Your Windows machine will after start show this screen after a few seconds.
    (NB: If you have more screens connected to your PC, then the program will show on your primary screen)

10. Your screen (Player) are now ready to show the content!

11. Follow this guide do add the Player to your account

      Add a new player in Playcontrol

Wifi settings

This guide shows how you recover your internet connection on a PC with Windows Player installed.

NB: This guide is made for windows10 and up. 

  1. Press "F4" on your keyboard to close the Player program down on the PC that controls your infoscreen.

  2. Now press "Globus" ikon down in the right corner of the screen.

  3. If there is an active Wi-Fi network available, it will show here.

  4. Press on the network of your choice.

  5. Set a ticks in "establish automatically connection".

  6. Press "establish connection"

  7. Insert the kode for the network og press "Next" (If the password is correct, there will be shown a Wi-Fi ikon and you are now online)

  8. Press now on the "Windows" ikon in the bottom left corner, write: "ScreenBuddy" in the search boks and press "Enter"

  9. Your infoscreen will then start up again.

Uninstallation of Windows Player on PC

  1. For uninstallation of Windows Player on PC open The Pathfinder and manoeuvres down on This PC

  2. Under This PC open (C:) drive, the folder can have different names depending on what it is called, but the term (C:) remains the same

  3. Under (C:) drive, you open the folder: ScreenBuddy

  4. Under the folder ScreenBuddy you find a .exe fil with the name Uninstall ScreenBuddy, double click on the file then the program will uninstall

  5. Press Yes and you will allow the program to make changes on the computer, this will be necessary to uninstall the program

  6. Press thereafter on uninstall

  7. After a few seconds the program will show the annocement Completed ScreenBuddy uninstallation guide, press here on finish

  8. Windows Player på PC are now uninstalled from your computer.

Version 1.1.0

- F10  toggles Full Screen mode 

- F8 now toggles dev tools for main window instead of opening them

If you have more questions, you can always reach out to our support team here. We are always happy to help.