The guide below applies to Q-Play x96H Player setup.

To complete the setup of Q-Play X96H Player you need following:

  • Q-Play X96H Player (Included)
  • Power supply (Included)
  • Remote control (Included) (2xAAA batteries are not included) or a mouse with a USB connection
  • HDMI cable (Included)
  • WIFI or internet cable

           Tip: You can watch our recorded setup guide right here

  1. Connect the power cable to the device as well the power outlet. Check that the unit lights up.

  2. Connect the Player to your screen through the HDMI. Install the screen to show the current HDMI channel. Q-Play will now start up. (The screen will change between Q-Play and Smartbox throughout the beginning. Wait till the screen permanently shows the Q-Play logo)

  3. Connect the Player to the internet.

    - We recommend to use cable internet connection.

    -Do you wish to connect the Player to the internet trough WIFI instead, then press OK on the remote control or click on the mouse, in the left corner. Enter the pinkode to access the control panel. The pinkode is: 8920

    On the control panel you see a bottom with the name Network Settings. Press the bottom and choose your WIFI network and enter your Password, possibly read our article concerning WIFI. 
    "You need to be aware of this, regarding WIFI"

  4. Restart your Player by turning it off on the remote control and turning the device on again. The screen will now show a picture similar to the one shown below, with the Play Connect kode.

To show the content on the screen, you have to add the Player to your account. Follow this guide:
Add a new player in the Playcontrol

Do you need more help or have some questions for the setup? Then you can always reach out to our support team here. We are happy to help!