The guide down below is for Sony Bravia Android 9.0 or newer:

The set up for Q-play on Sony Bravia screens with Android 9.0 are in two parts:

1. Download Q-Play on Sony Bravia Android 9.0  

2. The set up for Pro-mode with Q-Play

The set up presuppose that the television is on Pro Setting Mode. You can find the guide to Pro Setting Mode in the vedhæftet attached guide from Sony  

1. Download Q-Play on Sony Bravia Android 9.0  

  1. Go to Settings >  Network and internet and choose the wished network. NB: NordicScreen recommend to use cable connection.
  2. Go to account and login > Add you account and put in the information for the Google account, that you wish to use.
  3. Go to Device preferences   
    1. Choose Date and time 
      1. Turn off automatic date and time
      2. Install thereafter following menus: Date, time and timezone. 
      3. Choose 24-hours formate
      4. Now turn on Automatic date and time  
    2. Choose  Power  
      1. Turn off Power Saving
    3. Choose Language
      1. Choose your wished language
  4. Click on the Home bottom on the remote control to close down the settings
  5. Choose Google Play store and search for Q-Play in the search boks.
  6. Click on Q-play and thereafter choose installer.
  7. Click now on the home Bottom on the remote control. 

2. Set up on Pro-mode with Q-Play

  1. Go to settings > Pro-settings
    1. Go to Turn on menu and choose "Always turned on"
    2. Go to initial inputsource and choose Android-app     
      1. Now pick Q-Play and press OK on the pop-up boks
      2. Now press OK in the right corner of the screen
    3. Go to "Periodic restart". Here it will install a restart everyday. The recommended setting are seen down below:
    4. Go to Apps and choose Q-Play. Q-play are set to assets
  2. Now go to the top of the settings and choose Start Pro-state. Thereafter press OK and the screen will now restart. NB: this can take up to 5 minutes

After restart the Sony screen are set up correct with Q-play.

Do you have more questions about the installation? Then you can always reach out to our support team hereWe are happy to help!

The guide down below is for changing between Pro-mode and Pro-mode settings. 

In [Pro mode], you can use various convenient functions for professional use. Here, we introduce how to change to [Pro mode] and typical functions of [Pro mode]. 


Normal mode: This is the default mode. [Pro mode] functions are not available in this mode. 

Pro settings mode: This mode allows you to set various settings of [Pro mode] functions. 

Pro mode: This is the operation mode for professional use where you can use the [Pro mode] functions.                    

After each switch in each mode, the monitor will reboot. 


Key sequence (press the below keys on the remote commander in order within 3 seconds) 

 UI Selection or Key sequence                                                                                                                                   
(1) Info [i+]                    (2) Mute                    (3) Vol +                        (4) HOME